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Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline May 9, 2017

the Brandenburg State Office for Property and Building (BLB) is looking for a suitable architectural firm, which takes over the project planning and monitoring for this project.

It serves as a replacement construction for the teaching building 10 (LG 10), the intermediate mounting VI (example VI), the central administration Hubert Road (ZVH) and in part also for speech barracks.

In addition to the offices of the seminar rooms, eight laboratories, four internships and preparation rooms, 2 rooms for collections and a cash room and numerous side rooms are.

The performance must be oriented toward project management with individual trades awards.

They are to perform services in the following phases:

LPh 1: basic evaluation,

LPh 2: planning,

LPh 3: preliminary design,

LPh 4: Approval planning,

LPh 5: implementation planning (optional)

LPh 6: Preparation of assignment (optional),

LPh 7: Involvement in the assignment (optional),

LPh 8: monitoring object (optional),

LPh 9: object support (optional).

The other optional power phases and power modules are charged individually or as a whole according to the provisions of the contract. (See. II.2.11 also the notice)

As part of the performance increased local presence is expected of the commissioned architectural firm; in particular, this means the participation of the designated Project management at least two weekly meetings during the planning phase and weekly meetings during the construction phase and work daily presence of construction management at the site during construction.

The above-named points will be further specified as part of the RFP.

The compensation of the basic services is carried out for the respective current HOAI or in excess of the table values ​​by the appropriate updates of (RIFT).

The other specialized design services are charged separately and are to be coordinated in service delivery, integrate, and to be considered.

Note: The tender is subject to availability and approval of the relevant appropriations in the budget of the country.

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