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Architectural, engineering and planning services

DB Netz AG (Bukr 16) | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

Planning services "conversion node Riesa" ABS Leipzig - Dresden (VDE # 9.) Work phase. 1 to 2.

The reconstruction of the node Riesa includes the remodeling of the track plan incl. The connection of the auxiliary equipment, the equipment with electronic interlocking technology and ETCS and the resolution of 2 level crossings, continue the construction of a crossing structure and the track schedule adjustment in the branch Zeithain Brig.-Gen and the expansion up to 200 km / h. capacity-enhancing measures are provided for the branch Zeithain Brig.-Gen.

Architectural and engineering services following HOAI, Phases. 1 to 2 for the following performance profiles:

- Project planning traffic facilities,

- Project planning of engineering structures and structural engineering,

- Property Planning Building and structural engineering,

- Technical equipment for OLA / 50 Hz systems,

- Technical equipment for LST / PBXs,

- Services for ground Consulting

- Surveying services,

- Planning services to UVS, LBP and FFH compatibility.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Deutsche Bundesbank, Beschaffungszentrum | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017

The condominium (WA) "On dovetail" was built from 1949 to 1962 in 4 storey building phases as 2-5 buildings with plastered facades and gable roofs.

17 844 m 2 , 4 garages and 2 heating centers.

The main objective of the reorganization is to optimize the housing stock by energetic, techn. and baukonstruktive measures with improving the fire, sound and thermal insulation as well as the modernization of the TGA.

In addition to a "1: 1" remediation is also to develop a decision paper on the subject of post-compression under the Work phase 2; for the purposes of a feasibility study regarding construction law, rough cost estimate and construction schedule.

A legal claim for additional assignment is not.

The project language is German.

This includes the following streets:

- Hill Straße 172 - 188, MFA;

- Theodor-Storm-Straße 2 - 20 MFA;

- On dovetail 59-73, MFA;

- Chamissostraße 29 - 47, MFA;

- Underground I - IV.

Depending on the concept the following measures are necessary:

Roof work / Insulation work:

Renewal of drainage system, examination in view of fire protection regulations.

- Insulation of the basement ceiling.

- External wall insulation in coordination with energy concept.


Projections, balconies, loggias according EnEV in force at the time of the planning version or alternative planning related concepts.

- Replacement of windows / windows including shutters according to EnEV, if necessary, considering the required additional sound insulation requirements.

- Redesign stairwell window, also with regard to fire protection concept.

Railings / parapets.

- Repair of damaged KG outdoor stairs, exterior basement walls and doorways.

- Check for sealing of external basement walls.


Fire protection regulations.

- Fire protection compartmentalization of installation shafts.


- Renewal of the electrical.

- Reprocessing existing stair coverings, platforms and handrails.

- Replacement of the entrance doors.

- Renewal of Briefkastenanalagen.

- Windows: examination in view of smoke extractor (fire) and pollution.


- Fire protection compartmentalization of installation shafts.

- Renovation or refurbishment of the flooring, plaster and painter Work, also ceiling plaster, renovation electric / HLS.

- Refurbishing of the bathrooms (tiles, objects, fittings, installation).

- Refurbishing of the kitchen installation.

- 1 residential unit is to plan accessible as an option (costs are shown separately).

- In parallel with the 1: 1 restoration is the possibility of recompression to consider.

House Technical measures:

Insulation not insulated plant components etc.

- Replacement of the main electrical distribution and electrical installation base in the public areas (including outdoor areas) and in the apartments, including coaxial cable, telephone, door phones etc.

Examination requirement automatic backwash filter for drinking water.

Renewal of drainage canals dirty water and rainwater.

- Dismantling of the gas supply.

to consider costs diagram).

Also components of planning are:

- Spaces.

- Underground garages.

The exact scope of defined during the planning phase and should be a global approach for adherence to the budget.

Construction costs gross 26,500,000 EUR;

KG 300 gross 18,300,000 EUR;

KG 400 gross 8,200,000 EUR;

Cost building EUR 25.9 million;

Cost Haustechnik 8,400,000 EUR.

For the home-technical measures a separate office is bound as part of a competition by the bank.

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