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Architectural services for outdoor areas

Technische Universität Darmstadt | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

Relocation of a bus stop, and the creation of amenity values ​​in the form of squares. 

1-4, respectively Honorary zone III, the minimum rate.

The owner reserves a gradual commissioning of Phases. in front.

Lichtwiese Campus - Redesign of the open spaces within the tram connections.

To improve the connection of public transport (LPT) at the Campus Lichtwiese the Technical University of Darmstadt HEAG plans mobilo GmbH extending the tram line 2 of the Nieder-Ramstädter street on the campus of the University under the project name "light meadow railway".

Relocation of a bus stop and the creation of amenity values ​​in the form of squares.

The planning area is divided into four parts: the westerly portions one and 2 along the faculties of architecture, civil engineering and the cafeteria, the eastern portion 3 with the tram terminal loop and the northern portion 4 as a central car-access to the campus.

8 150 and the

Subarea 4: approximately 1 970 m 2 (Cost estimate).

The subregion's four unanswered correspondence plans.

Here, the Promoter assumes that the bidder to build the asset to be constructed phase entirely on the previous planning results.

Written out, benefits of free plant design in accordance with HOAI §39, for those parts of one and two performance stages 5-9, for the segment 3 power phases 6-9 and for the subarea 4 performance stages 1-4, respectively Honorary zone III, the minimum rate.

The owner reserves the right option to commission more power phases in the subregions.

The owner reserves a gradual commissioning of the power phases.

4.35 million EUR net (prior cost estimate for the cost groups 200 and 500).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Hessen Mobil – Straßen und Verkehrsmanagement Darmstadt | Published January 21, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017
71000000, 71300000

250 m west of the axis of the A 5 in the country road L 3057 on. 

5718 609 (new)).

Against the background of the planned expansion of achtstreifigen A 5 Hessen Mobil therefore intends to replace in the years 2018-2021, the part structures, expand the AS Friedberg and implement and to renew the road surface in the area of ​​AS Friedberg fundamental way.

The services to be provided in detail engineering services are listed in detail under point II.2.4) of the contract notice.

II.1.4) of this notice mentioned projects are to provide the following services mainly:

Subject of this order are (basic) services in accordance with:

1-3 and 5-9,


2 - 6 and

- Landscape Management Generic execution plan.

Furthermore, the following special services include providing for:

- Conception, planning and coordination of bauzeitigen traffic management (creation of arrangement enabled traffic sign plans)

- Coordination of the final mark and protection devices,

- Planning and implementing the project in accordance with § 2 BaustellV and appoint a health and safety coordinator according to § 3 BaustellV and RAB 30,

- Position of site supervision,

- Supplement processing (claims management),

- Public relations (requests and press relations)

- Planning, optimization and presentation of the overall construction process (in detail)

- Planning of temporary,

- Planning through pressings,

- General planning services (coordination services)

- Planning the cable routing and management coordination,

- Revision of Verbauplanung.

Period of performance, deadlines:

Latest prompt October 2017th

As contractual periods following processing times are set:

3 VOB / A ship 2 weeks to prompt,

1-3, 5 and 6 18 weeks upon.

For Additional Project operations, the following deadlines apply:

3) tender construction contracts 2 weeks after previous paragraph,

4) Submission Construction Contracts: 4 weeks after the previous paragraph,

Two months after previous paragraph,

6) Start of construction: about 2 weeks after previous paragraph,

36 months.

Other interim deadlines resulting from the tender documents.

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