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Staatliches Baumanagement Braunschweig | Published January 18, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017

Construction on the user side and is responsible for occupational health and safety management. 

6 is composed of:

1 382 m 2 NF 1-6 (office space, warehouses, workshops, garages)

In Bundesbau apply:

- Guidelines for Sustainable Building (BNB silver);

- Guidelines for Accessible Building;

- EnEV 2016 EEWärmeG.

In the second stage of the process VgV- a design concept for the building is required.

The construction costs are estimated at:

4,100,000 EUR

Schedule of action:

Submission of building board until the end of 2017

2018: implementation planning, public procurement, Construction

2019: Construction and billing.


Sites are located in Braunschweig and Berlin.

In Braunschweig 6 of 9 departments and the Department Q are located.

Division Q - technical and scientific Querschnittsaufgaben- provides technical and inter-structural services department Q6 - Technical infrastructure (buildings and industry) - accompanied, inter alia, on the user side carried out by the State Construction Works and is also responsible for the areas of occupational health and safety management and the plant fire brigade.


The area is to be built is located on the property of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig.

By public transport, the Physical is - Technische Bundesanstalt to reach directly.

Here is currently forested land, a compensation measure is provided.

A development plan does not exist.

task description

guarantee 6 "technical services" of the PTB.

In detail:

Office 532 m 2

Company doctor 67 m 2

Meeting facilities 241 m 2

Building maintenance (warehouses, workshops, garages, etc.) 223 m 2

1 382 m 2 NF 1-6.

In the area of ​​the federal building the guidelines of the Federal shall be applied, inter alia:

- Guidelines for Sustainable Building (the building has to completion to achieve the BNB Silver Standard);

- Guidelines for Accessible Building (the list of requirements of the user for this project can be found in the further procedure is available);

- The basis for the energy requirements the EnEV 2016 and the EEWärmeG.

To obtain a specific for the land situation and the situation on the property reasonable design, in the second stage of VgV- process a design concept is required for the building (floor plans, elevations, section 1: 100, Map 1: 500, Description the concept, area calculation, opinion on the announced construction cost and schedule).

Experience with the implementation of structures with certification in sustainability are provided.

The construction cost is according to cost estimates:

KG 300 2,129,000 EUR gross

KG 400 877 000 EUR gross

4,100,000 EUR.

Further information and documents can be found in the further procedure available.

Schedule of action:

- Submission of the design and manufacturing schedules to the end of 2017;

- 2018: implementation planning, public procurement, construction;

- 2019: Construction and billing.

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