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Planning Architecture Building, School expansion Hansaallee

Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Der Oberbürgermeister, Rechtsamt - Submissionsstelle | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

Planning Performance Architecture

Planning Performance Architect LP 5-9

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Zühlsdorf | Published February 7, 2017
71000000, 71200000

Planning New firehouse Straubenhardt - planning services architecture

Gemeinde Straubenhardt | Published January 29, 2017

Planning services firehouse within the amalgamation of various fire service equipment in the town of Straubenhardt in a newly built fire station. It is to be planned and carried out the implementation. Apart from the single, seven vehicles and a trailer is a washing plant to provide adequate storage areas and space for equipment maintenance and repairs. The contemporary education and training of fire fighters besides training facilities, a driving range with training tower is provided. Possibly. is involved a base of the Red Cross in the further planning. The commissioning of planning services will take place gradually. First, the LPH be entrusted 1-3. (LPH5-7; LPH4 LPH8-9) Upon approval of the grant application, the additional work phases HOAI intended to LPH 9 in 3 additional stages are also charged.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Industrie- und Handelskammer für München und Oberbayern | Published February 18, 2017

2017 V003 framework agreement architecture.

Architectural and related services

Staatliches Baumanagement Hannover | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017

LUH, new building for the Leibniz School of Education (LSE)

Planning services gem. § 35 HOAI,

Phases (LPH) of 2 to 4. FIG.

The Promoter intends a new building of educational sciences, called "Leibniz School of Education" (LSE) to build. Purpose of the procedure is to obtain in a restricted competitive alternative solutions and to determine a suitable architect as the contractor.

There are program areas of approximately 2 300 meters 2 NF 1-6 accommodated in the new building. The sum of approved construction costs (KG 300 +400) is approximately 11 000 000 EUR.

Architectural and related services

Landkreis Ebersberg | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017
71200000, 71000000, 71240000

S. v. § 34 HOAI, 

This includes the documentation of the architect and the TA-HLS, TA-ELT and TA Specialists Interiors.

Here there is a feasibility study of an architectural office.

In the field of specialized rooms and the roof renovation, the LP 2 and LP shall be verified 3 and top up if necessary.

The LP ends 9 09/2023.

5,615,000 EUR gross.

The contract will be awarded in stages, see II.2.4).

The measures to be carried out during ongoing school operations.

Annex 10 to the HOAI 2013 OPTIONAL the special service "monitoring the Mängelnachbegehung" advertised.

This includesa complete measure of the partial refurbishment.

the present plans of the architect, the TA-HLS, the TA-ELT and TA-specialist planning must be considered to examine the results of the LP 2 and LP 3 and if necessary complement for the field of specialist rooms and roof renovations.

The appointment is in stages in steps:

Subregion in addition to part of planning specialist rooms and roof renovation.

Stage 2: LP 5 implementation planning, LP 6 Preparing the award and LP 7 participation in the award

Level 3: LP 8 architectural supervision (supervision) and documentation, LP 9 Objektbetreuung

From the gradual commissioning and possible implementation bauabschnittsweisen the applicant can not derive any increase in his fee.

The Special Power "monitor the removal of defects" is designed as an option that can get the customer to their demand, he is not obliged.

The contract will be based on standard contracts Certiform / Boorberg.

Architectural services for buildings

Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Abteilung SchulSportFMG, SE Facility Management, Fachbereich Hochbau | Published February 4, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

It is intended to award the achievements of phase 3 (proportionately) to 9 in accordance with § 34 HOAI and possibly special and additional services. 

The contract includes planning services according to HOAI.

The preliminary design (LP 3 - BPU) including HVAC systems and stage equipment is prepared, in part, to revise and finalize.

The project is using public funding, partially in urban conservation program conducted.

Measures Description:

On the plot a backdrop bearing is to build new.

Largely completed until then the front house and the stage tower.

The recent project objectives are retained.

Following renovation and facilities are planned:

The reorganization measures build on the measures carried out to date and cover a range of structures, facades, roofs, interiors and technical installations.

In the front building components (Foyer), Seitenbau North and stage tower are merely perform complementary actions.

The space program is here to adapt.

The front building of the side building is to renovate entirely on the upper floors.

The separate sliding bearings should be set up as a simple hall with smaller facilities on the northern plot new.

The Prater garden is redesigned at a later date.

This restoration advice and the requirements of conservation are taken into account.

The necessary and already planned stage technology is to be integrated.

All necessary technical installations are to be made according to current guidelines.

5.1 million EUR gross provided (construction cost ceiling).

To calculate the price of architect / architect are preliminary to set the following eligible construction costs:

KG 300: 1.6 million EUR net

KG 400: (to be considered accordingly HOAI § 33 (2) only partially in the fee calculation) 1,850,000 EUR net

KG 500: 180 000 EUR


Commissioning architects: March / April 2017

Completion of the planning documents (BPU): June 2017

Planning application: August 2017

Start of construction: October 2017

End of construction: 06/30/2019.

Architectural services for buildings

Stadt Eckernförde | Published February 4, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017

The city intends to Eckernförde Stadthalle Eckernförde, Am Exer 1, 24340 Eckernförde to undergo external and internal refurbishment.

Essential contents of refurbishment are planned outside the renewal of all post and beam elements, all individual windows and external doors, the roof insulation and sealing, the parapets and the cladding.

Interior includes the reorganization primarily for modernization of sanitary facilities, replacement of carpets in the hall and foyer and the stalls in the restaurant, the renewal of the stage floor (Grind and seal), an appropriate counter system that supplies the city hall guests with drinks.

The budget for the actions is 2,290,000 EUR gross KG 200-600 DIN 276th

The project should be completed in mid of 2019.

For details on cost and schedule frame see information documents.

Attica static appraisals of office Reichenberger (see information documents) basis.

The annual use of the town hall from September to May, to be considered in the planning of the construction process.

For an architect for the basic services 1-9 HOAI, Honorary Zone III is wanted below.

The facade design of the study is EcoZwei maintain not mandatory.

As part of the negotiation process, a Vorkonzept is present in the presentation bidder that fulfills the following parameters:

- Façade design with reference to the North View 1: 200, and facade design as sectional and partial view 1:50;

The View-phase plans.

The entity resulting from the negotiated procedure contractor this fee is deducted from the total fee.

Application form and bidding platform:

To specify the necessary evidence obligatory (exclusion criterion) is an application form to

use the download to (contract Place)


Architectural services for outdoor areas

Technische Universität Darmstadt | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

Relocation of a bus stop, and the creation of amenity values ​​in the form of squares. 

1-4, respectively Honorary zone III, the minimum rate.

The owner reserves a gradual commissioning of Phases. in front.

Lichtwiese Campus - Redesign of the open spaces within the tram connections.

To improve the connection of public transport (LPT) at the Campus Lichtwiese the Technical University of Darmstadt HEAG plans mobilo GmbH extending the tram line 2 of the Nieder-Ramstädter street on the campus of the University under the project name "light meadow railway".

Relocation of a bus stop and the creation of amenity values ​​in the form of squares.

The planning area is divided into four parts: the westerly portions one and 2 along the faculties of architecture, civil engineering and the cafeteria, the eastern portion 3 with the tram terminal loop and the northern portion 4 as a central car-access to the campus.

8 150 and the

Subarea 4: approximately 1 970 m 2 (Cost estimate).

The subregion's four unanswered correspondence plans.

Here, the Promoter assumes that the bidder to build the asset to be constructed phase entirely on the previous planning results.

Written out, benefits of free plant design in accordance with HOAI §39, for those parts of one and two performance stages 5-9, for the segment 3 power phases 6-9 and for the subarea 4 performance stages 1-4, respectively Honorary zone III, the minimum rate.

The owner reserves the right option to commission more power phases in the subregions.

The owner reserves a gradual commissioning of the power phases.

4.35 million EUR net (prior cost estimate for the cost groups 200 and 500).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Werra-Meißner-Kreis – Der Kreisausschuss | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 2, 2017
71000000, 71200000

General project description.

The Werra-Meissner aims at striking a civic center in a prominent downtown location at the Schlossplatz in Eschwege. The property is equipped with 2 buildings, one of which already one is used by the district administration today. The other building is a former hotel.

The new administrative center will be built as part of demolition, construction and renovation work, and partial restoration.

As part of a competition brief method of architect Karl Hufnagel, Berlin was commissioned with the planning tasks for the establishment of the administrative center.

General description of the present method.

The aim of the present negotiated procedure with a call for competition is the final award of planning services of service phases 6 - gem. 9 § 34 (Performance Buildings and interiors) of the HOAI, 2013.

The exact details can be downloaded free of available documents will be removed.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Werra-Meißner-Kreis – Der Kreisausschuss | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

The Werra-Meissner aims at striking a civic center in a prominent downtown location at the Schlossplatz in Eschwege. The property is equipped with 2 buildings, one of which already one is used by the district administration today. The other building is a former hotel.

The new administrative center will be built as part of demolition, construction and renovation work, and partial restoration.

As part of a competition brief method of architect Karl Hufnagel, Berlin was commissioned with the planning tasks for the establishment of the administrative center.

General description of the present method

The aim of the present negotiated procedure with a call for competition is the final award of the architectural services of service phases 6 - gem. 9 § 34 (Performance Buildings and interiors) of the HOAI, 2013.

The exact details can be downloaded free of available documents will be removed.

Architects, engineers

Alten- und Pflegezentren des Main Kinzig Kreises gGmbH | Published January 30, 2017

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Landratsamt Landsberg am Lech | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
71240000, 71221000

The existing, strongly in need of renovation county own Warmfreibad Greifenberg to be rebuilt canceled and slightly offset on the same property.

Object of the procurement process is the assignment of the work phases 1-9 (project planning). The assignment of the respective work phases is gradual. First, the architect's services are gem. HOAI § 33 - § 35 commissioned for performance phases 1-2.

This planning is the basis for the preparation of a development plan for this plot. After the completion of the preliminary design some of the excess space to be sold with changed use.

For the coming years a number of bathers per year is from 40000-45000 forecast (as of 10.2013).

Period (planned): Start of planning summer 2017 completion Starting spring 2018; Opening Bad (planned): May, 2019

Total budget (cost groups 200-700): approx. 4.8 million EUR net.

This contract are in accordance with planning services. HOAI Part 3 Facility Planning, Section 1, §33-§35; Phases 1-9.

The planning services awarded under a negotiated procedure with preliminary qualification competition.

Special services can be queried.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, FB SBH | Schulbau Hamburg | Published February 21, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017

The land area is 9 100 000 Series m  2  and the main floor space about 3 of 100 000 m  2  , 

Furthermore See II.2.4.

The measures refurbishment of the listed sports hall and the construction of the dining hall (incl. A music room) were acollage from Hamburg architects, architecture urban, supervised.

The execution is to take place from 2018 to August of 2019.

The buildings are located at:

The main building with 5 378 m 2 BGF, which is a listed building, and the hall with 895 m 2 BGF.

Overall, the cost foreseen for the reorganization to approximately net 2.4 million EUR amount.

The sections restoration is compromised because the user can move only very limited within the building.

The specifications of the monument protection to be considered in the renovation of the main building and it is expected to polluted components.

The fire must be checked for preserving the status quo in parts and if necessary to toughen.

When planning the scope of accident protection must be checked as part of the refurbishment and observed.

The services to be awarded consist of:

Power Phase 2 Project planning according to §34 ff HOAI

Performance Phase 3-8 Project planning according to §34 ff HOAI as optional assignment of the AG, if necessary, be determined in the AG levels.

Specialized services in all phases of project planning in accordance with § 34 ff HOAI as optional assignment by determining the AG, if necessary, be determined in the AG levels.

The project management is taken over project management from Hamburg by the Office sailor.

The contracting authority can be described by D & K drost consult GmbH, Hamburg assist, and advise and assist in the operational implementation of this VgV negotiation process.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Der Oberbürgermeister, Schulverwaltungsamt | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017

Planning services architecture.

970 students are taught by 85 teachers.

Erected in 1972 school complex consists of a main building with an adjoining auditorium wing and a 2-fold gym with outside toilet building and the caretaker house.

Since 2010, standing on the adjacent parking lot leased spare container on the part of the additional space requirement is provisionally covered.

The 2015 built kitchen extension at the auditorium, these can now be used as a cafeteria.


The current plans envisage an extension to a 5-spacious gymnasium where up to 1,250 students are taught by 105 teachers and helpers expected.

From the tuned together with the user space program resulted in a total area requirement of around 5 500 meters 2 NF (without extension Aula / Mensa).

However, as the existing building does not allow space-optimized layout, are land totaling approximately 6 300 meters 2 necessary to achieve its space program.

3 120 m 2 BGF.

2 100 m 2 BGF is recognized.

Therefore, the total project consists of the following key measures:

- School organizationally related conversions in existing buildings,

- Structurally necessary rehabilitation work in existing buildings,

- Extension of existing buildings (main building and auditorium)

- Extension of schoolyard and car parking spaces,

- More conversions in outdoor installations.

If necessary, is to ensure the requirements of the 5-tack from the year 2018 a temporary container position required.

To carry out the measure, note the following:

- Please observe the construction standards of the state capital Dusseldorf.

Elevator installation).

- The entire school site may need as directed by eSchool retrofitted or adapted / supplemented.

1,974,000 EUR gross determined.

January 2017 is the system documentation for an invitation to participate competition.

It should be noted that the part of the successful bidder, the services have to be fully edit until completion of the power phase. 3

Quarter 2020th

The formation of joint venture for the provision of the advertised performance is expressly agreed.

There are instructed further specialist planners / internally by the client, which polls are carried out in the Integrated Design Process.

Landscape architectural services

Stadt Köln, 67 / Amt für Landschaftspflege und Grünflächen | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017

Subject of the competition process is a design competition for a public green space. Based on the urban development masterplan downtown Cologne in 2008 the continuation of the interior green belt in the south was to accomplish to the Rhine as part of the collaborative workshop process "Park City South" more concrete with the aim of the interior green belt in the left of the Rhine in the year 2016th With the competition the first section between the Luxembourg road and the embankment is now to be implemented. The central task of the competition is for the 3 hectares area on Eifelwall to develop an attractive and central location adequate open space design for a public green space, which appropriately embeds the construction of the Cologne archive center with archive and Rhenish Picture Archive and attractive usage and stay qualities offers. For more information, s. Annex I,

Architectural and related services

Marktgemeinde Donaustauf | Published January 24, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

HOAI, Phases 4 to 9 - in accordance with the following remarks: 

3 before, to be the basis for further commissioning.

The planning phase should start right after the contract, the structural implementation of the measure is expected to run from the end of 2017 to 2019.

The awarding authority currently anticipates a classification in fee Zone III.

EUR 2.27 million on the KG 300 and 400th

170 000 EUR.

1 VgV:. 3

The appointment is in stages:

4 (permit applications);

5-7 (detailed design, preparation and participation in the award);

9 (site supervision - supervision and documentation and site supervision).

From the gradual commissioning of applicants can not derive any increase in his fee.


The contracting authority is based on an addition of (a single object), so the overall cost of the KG are 300 and 400 gross 2,269,000 EUR.

The contract will be based Certiform / Boorberg HAV COM 1 on sample contracts.

Architectural and related services

Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement Niederlassung Leipzig I | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017

Gebäudeplanung für die Sanierung von Bestandsgebäuden zur Unterbringung der Polizeidirektion Leipzig und das Polizeirevier Leipzig-Zentrum. Der Auftrag umfasst Planungsleistungen im Rahmen von Entwurfsplanung, Genehmigungsplanung, Ausführungsplanung, Leistungen zur Vergabe, Objektüberwachung und Objektbetreuung.

Die Bauaufgabe umfasst die Sanierung und den Umbau des Gebäudekomplexes des Behördenzentrums Leipzig Mitte zur Unterbringung wesentlicher Funktionseinheiten der Polizeidirektion Leipzig und untergeordnet des Landgerichts Leipzig. Dabei handelt es sich um eine zu sanierende Nutzfläche von 8 550 m2 (Bruttogrundfläche ca. 17 650 m2). Angrenzende bereits sanierte Flächen sind in die Betrachtung einzubeziehen. Die Gebäude Dimitroffstraße 1, Peterssteinweg 2-6 und Straße des 17. Juni 2 sind auf Grund des Zustandes bzw. der Erfordernisse (z. B. Raumzuschnitte, Deckentragfähigkeit, Fassade) grundhaft zu sanieren und umzubauen. Dabei sind insbesondere erhöhte Sicherheitsanforderungen an eine Polizeidienststelle hinsichtlich Baukonstruktion und Gebäudetechnik sowie der Brandschutz zu berücksichtigen. Die Gebäude Dimitroffstraße 3 und 5 sowie der zentrale Polizeigewahrsam sind bereits saniert, müssen aber bei Belegungsplanungen berücksichtigt werden.

Die Gebäude Dimitroffstraße 1, Peterssteinweg 2-6 (teilweise) sind belegt. Im Gebäude Petersteinweg 8 befindet sich in den ersten beiden Gebäudeebenen eine Mensa. Sowohl der polizeiliche Dienstbetrieb als auch der Betrieb der Mensa sind zu berücksichtigen und während der gesamten Bauzeit zu gewährleisten. Die Sanierungen müssen daher abschnittsweise erfolgen. Dazu sind im Rahmen der Planung Umzugs- und Interimskonzeptionen zu erstellen, die sich auch an die dienstlichen Erfordernissen der Polizei orientieren. Der Gebäudekomplex steht unter Denkmalschutz. Die Bausubstanz und das historische Erscheinungsbild innen und außen sind in Planung und Ausführung angemessen zu berücksichtigen. Eine zerstörte Kuppel über dem Haupteingangsbereich Dimitroffstraße 1 ist denkmalgerecht wieder aufzubauen.

Der Auftrag umfasst Leistungen der Gebäudeplanung sowie Leistungen zum Wärmeschutz und der Energiebilanzierung. Eine Entscheidungsunterlage liegt vor. Die Beauftragung erfolgt stufenweise. Zunächst ist eine Entwurfsunterlage zu erarbeiten. Dazu wird die Entwurfsplanung und die Genehmigungsplanung beauftragt. Die genehmigte Entwurfsunterlage ist Grundlage für die optional weitere Bearbeitung der Planung und Bauausführung.

Architectural and related services

Stadt Kempten | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

The city of Kempten (Allgäu) is planning to build or renovation of a museum storerooms. At about 2 000m 2 should Depot storerooms, archives, workshops and offices are housed for about 2 to 4 employees. The plot and the existing property to accommodate the museum depots are final not yet defined. The actual construction work is therefore preceded by a feasibility study to define the localization.

Services of Objektplanung gem. § 34 HOAI, LPH 1-9, gradual commissioning and a feasibility study for the construction or renovation of a museum storerooms in Kempten and include the following special services:

- Monitor the removal of defects (according to HOAI system 10 to § 34, LPH 9)

Before starting the project planning is first a feasibility study will be developed, in which the different possible variants are to be pre-tested and evaluated.

In the construction or reconstruction of the museum repository, the conservation requirements of the stored collection pieces are considered. The planning and execution of depot storage technology is carried out by a specialized external planners.

The award proceedings will probably take place in late March 2017th Procurement is expected to in April 2017 start of planning is directly thereafter, the permit applications must be submitted in March 2018th Construction is scheduled for early 2019 and completion in early 2020th

The budget of the entire project is expected to be around EUR 2 600 000.

Architectural and related services

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V. | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

Gradual commissioning the work phases 2-4 and 5-8, optional power stage 9 HOAI in accordance with the standard contracts of RBBau. Total cost KG 200-700 (without initial), max. 15.5 million net (excluding VAT). The implementation of the project is carried out in ZBAU process incl. Creating an application and design and manufacturing schedules and perception of a concept conversation with the funding agencies.

Honorary according HOAI in accordance with the standard contracts of RBBau. Commissioning LPH 5-8 earliest upon receipt of the approved application and building board. Honorary zone (§ 35 HOAI): IV, fee rate (§ 35 HOAI): minimum rate.

For the Fraunhofer CML is in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in Hamburg Harburg, Blohmstr. 32 an institution buildings will be erected. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and in particular users attach great importance to the realization of an innovative, sustainable and resource-efficient building and energy concept.

The research topics of CML are in the areas

- Ship management technologies and simulation;

- Ship-to-shore communication and fleet management;

- 3D port planning and logistics simulation;

- Port technology.

On a main usable area of ​​approximately 2 400 meters 2 to approximately 85 jobs. The space program consists of about 1 200 meters 2 Office space and 800 m 2 Technika (experimental and simulation rooms for research fields navigation, fleet management, port planning, port technology) as well as conference and meeting rooms and storage areas.

The plan includes all services of the work phases 2 to 8 according to HOAI, 2013.