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Česká republika – Státní pozemkový úřad | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017

The deliverable threshold public service contract is the drafting of comprehensive land (hereinafter the "kick") in the administrative area Černošín and downstream parts of the boundaries Lažany u Cernosin, Dep u Cernosin, Upper Kozolupy, Vichovich and Třebel, including the necessary geodetic work accuracy class intended for recovery cadastre Decree no. 357/2013 Coll. Proposal will be awarded processed so that it can be registered in the Land Registry.

The circuit complex landscaping will be included in part of the cadastral territory Dep u Cernosin, Lažany u Cernosin, Vichovich, Třebel and Upper Kozolupy. Estimated acreage of the area is 1,029 hectares, of which k. Ú. Černošín 920 ha, k. Ú. Lažany u Cernosin 9 ha, k. Ú. Víchová 30 ha, k. Ú. Dep 44 ha, k. U . Upper Kozolupy 16 ha and k. ú. Třebel 10 ha.

Extending Lochotín park - a project linden branches

Statutární město Plzeň zastoupené SPRÁVOU VEŘEJNÉHO STATKU MĚSTA PLZNĚ | Published January 29, 2015  -  Deadline June 30, 2017

The subject of the public contract under this tender procedure is the realization of an event called "Extending Lochotín park - a project linden branches" in Pilsen according to project documentation. This action shall include the following construction activities: 1. Landscaping second paved path, landscaping 3rd 4th 5th Street lighting Water connection 6. Small architecture. 1. a description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts fulfilled: An object is an extension of Zr Lochotín park in Pilsen in accordance with the master plan of the city. It is one of the oldest parks in Pilsen. 2. a description of the subject of the contract: The object is to build buildings park paths, relaxing nooks and vegetation modification. 3. a description of the relationship between the subject contract and the client's needs: Implementation of the project will expand the space Lochotín park on areas which are nowadays used minimally. The inhabitants of the adjacent housing development will bring opportunity to rest directly after the pedestrian bridge between the tram stop, House of fairy tales and settlement. 4. Expected due date for the procurement Prerequisite performance is launched in 4/2015 and 6/2017 completion.
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