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CDMR App. Architect & Proj. Manager

Department of National Defence | Published February 13, 2017  -  Deadline February 27, 2017

Trade Agreement: WTO-AGP/NAFTA/AIT/Canada FTAs with Peru/Colombia/Panama Tendering Procedures: Suppliers on permanent list or able to meet qualification requirements Competitive Procurement Strategy:  Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No Nature of Requirements:   Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP) for Task based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) - W7714-176208/A  This procurement is open only to those TBIPS Supply Arrangement Holders who qualified for services under Tier 1 for two categories in Work Stream I (A.1 Application/Software Architect) and Work Stream V (P.9 Project Manager)  The following SA Holders have been invited to submit a proposal:   1) 2Keys Corporation  2) Accenture Inc.  3) ADGA Group Consultants Inc.  4) Altis Human Resources (Ottawa) Inc., and Excel Human Resources Inc., in Joint Venture  5) Calian Ltd.  6) CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.  7) Deloitte Inc.  8) Fujitsu Consulting (CANADA) Inc./Fujitsu Conseil (Canada) Inc.  9) I.M.P. Group Limited  10) IBISKA Telecom Inc.  11) IT/Net - Ottawa Inc.  12) Maplesoft Consulting Inc.  13) Solana Networks INC.  14) Thales Canada Inc.  15) TRM Technologies Inc.  Requirement  This bid solicitation is being issued to satisfy the requirement of Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) for Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) under the TBIPS Supply Arrangement (SA) method of supply. Defence R&D Canada  Ottawa (DRDC Ottawa) research activities under the Cyber Decision Making and Response (CDMR) project (05AC) requires on an as and when requested basis the following TBIPS services:  A.1 Application/Software Architect,  Level 3 P.9 Project Manager,   Level 3  These two TBIPS resource categories will be providing internal support for smaller related cyber operations science and technology (S&T) research activities, demonstrations, and experiments. The Contractor will be required to coordinate among other CDMR resources / scientists. The contractor must provide resources capable of performing various project planning activities and support services for the Cyber Decision Making and Response (CDMR) project, including exploitation options of the Automated Computer Network Defense ARMOUR     The resource may also berequired to support the Automated Cyber Defence Capability (ACDC) research and experimentation activities by:   Stream 1: A.1 Application / Software Architect, Level 3.  Providing technical support needed to design, architect, evaluate and write high-level research plans;   Stream 5: P.9 Project Manager, Level 3.  Providing project management expertise to support contracting, managing and evaluating deliverables;  It is intended to result in the award of One (1) contract for a period of two (2)years plus three one-year irrevocable options allowing Canada to extend the Term of the contract.  Security Requirement  This procurement contains security requirements.  Enquiries  All questions in relation to this solicitation must be sent viamail to Mr. Bikina Kaliningondo at  Delivery Date: Above-mentioned  The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.  Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.


Department of Justice Canada | Published January 31, 2017  -  Deadline October 3, 2017

Trade Agreement: WTO-AGP/NAFTA/AIT/Canada FTAs with Peru/Colombia/Panama Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid Competitive Procurement Strategy:  Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No Nature of Requirements:   RFI / LOI  JUS HDS LETTER OF INTEREST - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION SOLICITATION NUMBER 19335-160056/B  This Request for Information is for: the Department of Justice Canada (JUS)  Purpose of this Request for Information: The intent of this Request for Information (RFI) is to solicit feedback from industry on all aspects detailed in the draft Annex A  Request for Proposal.   Following feedback that will be received in response to this RFI, it is the Government of Canadas intention to publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the draft copy mentioned above.  Overview: JUS requires informatics professional services to operate a responsive service through a centralized national Help Centre, in addition to providing desk-side support services in the National Capital Region (NCR), as well as national desktop engineering services. The service will provide Level 1 Help Desk Services, Level 2 Desk-side Support and Break/Fix Support Services, Level 3 Engineering and Support Services, and professional services through a task authorization on an as and when requested basis for; Project Manager, Solution Architect, Security Architect, Business Analyst, On-site Services Team Leader and On-site Services Representative.   Nature of Request for Information: The material in the RFI package is for the solicitation of feedback only. Responding to this RFI is not a prerequisite to receiving any resulting RFP related to this JUS requirement. The industry is encouraged to indicate their level of interest by responding to the questions found at Section 7, in order to facilitate a better understanding of the requirements and capabilities from both JUS and industry perspectives.  This is not a bid solicitation. This RFI will not result in the award of any contract. As a result, potential suppliers of any goods or services described in this RFI should not reserve stock or facilities, nor allocate resources, as a result of any information contained in this RFI. Nor will this RFI result in the creation of any source list. Therefore, whether or not any potential supplier responds to this RFI will not preclude that supplier from participating in any future procurement. Also, the procurement of any of the goods and services described in this RFI will not necessarily follow this RFI. This RFI is simply intended to solicit feedback from industry with respect to the matters described in this RFI.  CONTRACTING AUTHORITY CONTACT:  Dubé, Jonah Telephone No. 873-469-4980 Email: Delivery Date: Above-mentioned  The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.  Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Technical Investigation and Engineering Support (TIES) for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline July 3, 2017

Trade Agreement: Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) Tendering Procedures: The bidder must supply Canadian goods and/or services Competitive Procurement Strategy:  Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No Nature of Requirements:   Technical Investigation and Engineering Support (TIES) for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)  F7048-090005/H Figueredo, Laila Telephone No. - (819) 420-2904  Fax No. - (819) 956-0897   OPPORTUNITY FOR ADDITION, UPDATE, AND QUALIFICATION  This process provides for existing suppliers to add areas of expertise and update their list of personnel and subcontractors; and new suppliers with an opportunity to qualify for a supply arrangement.  The Supplier will provide Technical Investigation and Engineering Support (TIES) for the Integrated Technical Services Directorate of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) located within the following regions: National Capital Region, Western, Central & Arctic, and Atlantic, excluding locations within Comprehensive Land Claims Settlement Areas.  The period for awarding contracts under the Supply Arrangement is from the date of the supply arrangement to 31 March 2018, with an option to extend by one (1) additional period of two (2)years.  The requirement is subject to the provisions of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).  The requirement covered by the bid solicitation of any resulting supply arrangement is solely limited to Canadian services.  The Request for Supply Arrangement evaluation process will qualify suppliers by area of expertise.  To receive a supply arrangement, the supplier must meet the mandatory requirements and achieve the minimum scores in at least two (2) of the following areas of expertise:  A. Naval Architecture B. Marine Engineering C. Hovercraft Systems D. Marine Communication and Navigation Systems: Vessel Based E. Marine Communication and Navigation Systems: Shored Based F. Marine Informatics Technology G. Infrastructure H. Mechanical, Electrical & Power Systems: Shored Based I.  Aids to Navigation J. Environmental Services: Vessel and Shore Based K. Health and Safety Services L. Integrated Logistics Support   Delivery Date: Above-mentioned  The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.  Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

Database Analyst – Level 2, Programmer / Analyst – Level 2, Technical Writer – Level 3

Foreign Affairs, Trade And Development (Department Of) | Published February 16, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017





Reference Number:


Solicitation Number:


Organization Name:

Department of foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

Solicitation Date:


Closing Date:

2017-03-03 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT

Anticipated Start Date:


Estimated Delivery Date:


Estimate Level of Effort:


Five hundred and twenty (520)days for initial period divided between three (3) resources


Contract Duration:

The contract period will be for six (6) months from the date of contract with an irrevocable option to extend it for up to one (1) additional two (2)-month period

Solicitation Method:


Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement Applies:


Number of Contracts:

Up to three (3)

Applicable Trade Agreements:

  • World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP),

  •  the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),

  •  the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA),

  •  the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), 

  • the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA),

  •  the Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement (CColFTA), and

  •  the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement (CPanFTA)

Requirement Details

Tendering Procedure: Selective Tendering

This requirement is open only to those TBIPS Supply Arrangement Holders who qualified under Tier 1 for services in the National Capital Region for the following category

One (1) Database Analyst, Level 2

One (1) Programmer / Analyst, Level 2

One (1) Technical Writer, Level 3

The following SA Holders have been invited to submit a proposal:


2i Solutions Inc.

8si Inc.

A Hundred Answers Inc.

Adga Group Consultants

Cache Computer Consulting

Calian LTD.

Confluence Consulting Inc. in Joint Venture with the Corporate Renaissance Group

CSI Consulting Inc.

Donna Cona Inc.

I4C Information Technology Consulting Inc.

IBM Canada Ltd.

iFathom Corporation

IT/Net – Ottawa Inc.

Jumping Elephants incorporated

Leverage technology Resources Inc. Farlance Systems Inc. In joint venture

Lim Geomatics Inc.

Maplesoft Consulting Inc.

MDOS Consulting Inc.

Microsoft Canada

Newfound Recruiting Corporation


Prolity Corporation

Protak Consulting Group Inc.

Randstad Interim Incorporated

S.I. Systems Ltd.

Sierra Systems Group Inc.

Spaghetti Logic Inc.

Description of Work:

DFATD is the custodian of a complex international portfolio of more than 2,000 crown-owned and leased properties, including 1,887 staff quarters, with a total replacement value estimated at more than $3 billion. This inventory of special use and complex structures must be frequently adjusted to successfully support Government priorities and strategies, a challenging goal given the fast changing nature of international relations, trade and development opportunities. This includes adequately accommodating and providing work space for over 2000 Canada based staff (CBS) and over 5,000 locally engaged staff (LES), working in over 174 missions in 107 foreign countries for 21 partners, comprised of other departments, agencies and sub-agencies, and 10 co-locators (e.g. Export Development Canada and various provincial governments). 

The management of this complex real property portfolio is under the responsibility of two entities: one responsible for planning and the other for delivery. Properties are either leased or owned. For example, in 2014-2015, the capital budget was approximately $170.9M and the operating budget, which includes spending of all missions, was $332.3M.

Each year, 90 major capital projects are managed and advice regarding the execution of 250-300 at missions. These major and minor projects include maintenance and repair projects as well as capital projects to extend the life of existing assets, replace real property assets at the end of their useful life or acquire new assets in response to government or departmental priorities. Interventions include divesting real property assets which no longer meet the operational requirements of the mission network or do not contribute to government, DFATD and other partners’ priorities.

Starting in July 1993, the real property function was overseen by the Physical Resources bureau which operated as Special Operating Agency under DFATD’s International Platform Branch. Such a status is usually granted to service delivery units to increase management flexibility through selected authorities in return for agreed upon levels of performance and results.

In 2012, physical security was added to roles and responsibilities which include advice and guidance on technical aspects of physical security safeguards, management of chancery electronic security systems, purchase and deployment of armored vehicles, lock and key service and coordination of international shipping and warehousing services.

The management of the real property function is closely integrated with the Department in key reporting and management fields such as finance, contracting and human resources (HR), these services being channeled through the International Platform Branch or other departmental branches. Legal support, which is essential for an organization that executes dozens of contracts every year, is provided by Justice Canada.

Although primary real property accountabilities rest with the entities responsible for the management of real property, missions and regional services centers play an essential complementary role.

Property management for respective missions (e.g. approval of staff quarter (SQ) leases within rent ceilings and their allocation) is the responsibility of the Heads of Mission (HOM) with most property management functions being delegated to the Management/Consular Officer (MCO) or Property Officer under the direction of the MCO, such as:

•Managing the inventory of SQs;

•Developing real property strategies

•Conducting regular real property inspections to forecast future repair and maintenance requirements;

•Overseeing routine maintenance; and

•Maintaining up-to-date paper and electronic records.

On May 29, 2014, a decision was taken by Treasury Board (TB) to undertake an Independent Third Party Review of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) real property function. A consultant was retained to undertake this work. A report with 9 recommendations was completed in May 2015. A related work plan was developed with 9 intervention streams and is being implemented since fall 2015. However, additional transformational interventions are required to reinforce real property management some of which include an information technology (IT) dimension.

Real property management is done with help from a division (IT Services) which oversees the maintenance of portfolio supporting applications. These applications are offered on a wide variety of technologies, but have been, over time, consolidating to a single Structured Query Language (SQL) backend database and Component Scalable Logical Architecture (CSLA) Data Portal to serve data to applications. All new applications are being developed with these technologies. This work requires collaboration with the departmental IM-IT Bureau.

IT maintenance mostly takes the form of overseeing custom built and supported software. Some of these applications are at end of life and can no longer be supported. Furthermore, others function in isolation; data sharing with each other or the GAC corporate data warehouse is also often insufficient. 

As part of the efforts to transform the real property function, several business processes are being reviewed or must be added or redesigned for the purpose of improving performance. This optimization will enable the organization to be more efficient and more effective. Redesign of business processes includes both a work dimension and a technological dimension.

These improvement efforts are expected to last three (3) years with the first year targeting tools and applications in crisis and developing a plan for the “way forward” for additional interventions. During all three (3) years, changes will be planned, designed and implemented; the development of tools and applications will also be planned, overseen and done.

Incumbent Information:

  • The Technical Writer work is currently being performed partially by Excel HR under contract (value $77,244.00). There are no incumbents in the Database Analyst or Programmer/Analyst roles.

Security Requirement: Common PS SRCL #19 applies

Minimum Corporate Security Required: SECRET

Minimum Resource Security Required: SECRET

Contract Authority

Name: Nina Rejhon

Phone Number: 343-203-5504

Email Address:


Inquiries regarding this RFP requirement must be submitted to the Contracting Authority named above. Request for Proposal (RFP) documents will be e-mailed directly from the Contracting Authority to the Qualified Supply Arrangement Holders who are being invited to bid on this requirement. BIDDERS ARE ADVISED THAT “BUYANDSELL.GC.CA” IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS. The Crown retains the right to negotiate with any supplier on any procurement. Documents may be submitted in either official language.

NOTE: Task‐Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Method of Supply is refreshed three (3) times per year. If you wish to find out how you can be a “Qualified SA Holder”, please contact RCNMDAI.‐

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