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Electronic Auction - specialized study Hiring of urban planning for urban mobility and universities in Pelotas and Jaguarão

MINISTÉRIO DA EDUCAÇÃO, Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Pró-Reitoria Administrativa, | Published August 30, 2016

1 - Studies and Projects Urbanísticos / Landscaped / ARCHITECT-tronic study devoted to the urban environment and academic communities of university centers, technological and higher education to the municipalities of Jaguarão and Pellets, consisting of two products, one for the municipality of Jaguarão and one for the city of Pelotas, each with three steps, which are detailed below: Step a? Surveys and Diagnostics. Byproducts Geographic Information System; Workshop participatory diagnosis and Byproduct Technical Report for the study area. Considering: A.1 = Thematic Studies for characterization A.2 = Survey of University Physical Spaces. A.3 = University Community Survey and population. A.4 = Survey of Mobility Systems and Road System A.5 = Community Participation A.6 = Diagnostic Synthesis Step B? Functional Plan Mobility System. Byproducts participatory conceptual construction Workshop Report and Thematic Maps propositional. Considering: B1 = Guidelines Concept. B2 = Functional Plan Global Step C? Alternative Proposals for Differential Treatment: Type I - Exclusive participation of ME / EPP Applicability Decree 7174: No Applicability Margin of Preference: No Quantity: 1 Unit Supply: UNIT

Electronic Bidding - Record Prices for acquisition of robotic tool construction and easy to use video equipment South of Rio Grande Federal Institute valid for 01 (one) year from the date of the approval, according to specifications listed in the Term Reference, Annex I of the Bid.

MINISTÉRIO DA EDUCAÇÃO, Secretaria Executiva, Subsecretaria de Planejamento e Orçamento, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Sul-Rio-Grandense-RS, | Published October 15, 2014

1 - EQUIPMENT / ACCESSORY ROBOTIC robotic tool easy construction and programming of the robot. -Microprocessador 32-bit RISC architecture, the programmable memory; - 4 input ports and 4 output ports; Bluetooth and USB -Communication with door to wifi and connectivity to the Internet; -High Speaker; -display Dot matrix; -3 Interactive engines; - Rotation sensor that measures distance of a degree; -sensor sound - touch sensor; - Color sensor; - IR Sensor - software programming in Portuguese; - Software compatible with PC interface, with Linux operating system that allows you to be compatible with iOS and Android; - Intuitive software with programming environment with drag and drop icons; - Number of pieces: more than 400, with gear (straight, tapered and mixed crown-pinion system), belts, bushings and pulleys, wheels, tires and axles of different sizes. - Case for storage of high strength parts with organizing trays; - Supply: AA batteries (included) and rechargeable battery - parts in ABS plastic material; USB -Cable; -slot For mini SD card reader (...) OTHER SPECIFICATIONS CONTAINED IN TERMS OF REFERENCE, ANNEX ID Differential Treatment: - Decree 7174 Applicability: Applicability Yes Margin of Preference: No Quantity: 292 Supply Unit: UNIT 2 - CENTRAL PROCESSING VIDEO Mesa professional video (switcher) with the following features: work with PAL and NTSC signals; At least 5 inputs, 3 video sources (cameras), one for PC and one for video playback equipment; Possibility of working with HD resolution of 1080 horizontal lines or more in 23.9 frames per second or more and with lower resolutions; Connectors inputs for video sources, at least three type 3 and type BNC S-video mini DIN type connector with 4-pin and at least one VGA or HDMI to computer; Audio mixer for at least 5 channels, possi ...
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