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Construction work

Община Варна | Published March 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
45000000, 45200000, 45400000, 44912400, 45313000, 45313100, 44114250

The subject of the first lot of this procurement is related to choosing a contractor to do renovation, repair and partial reconstruction of the building of the Professional School of Forestry and Woodworking "Nikolay Haytov" c. Varna ". The second lot is subject - Overhaul and implementation of energy efficiency measures at the building of the Professional School of Economics "Dr. Ivan Bogorov" c. Varna ".

With business investment project activities are provided for the renovation of the building and the yard:

1. Sanitation - all housings of the main liaison by installing insulation or replacing old windows (doors and windows) with new ones in order to increase energy efficiency of the building;

2. Repairs Part Architecture - dismantling or removal of old equipment, cladding, walls, damaged plaster, damaged flooring and other damaged items from a building or yard.

3. Flooring - deletes the existing parquet floors from ground level of educational production casing in providing coverage plan with a total area of ​​646 m2 After repairing the existing basis with a new coat of 50% of the area of ​​the removed flooring is laid laminate with wear-resistance class AC4 thickness equal to or greater than 8 mm. On the periphery are installed PVC strips and corners.

4. Other elements of the building and repair yard - provides repair of equipment for toilets and wet rooms, waterproofing in the repair of boards, installation of new tin hat on boards repair of electrical wiring, plumbing and HVAC systems set in relevant parts. It provides repair of asphalt pavements and existing sidewalks, carve out new spaces, renovation of sports facilities, straightening existing loose lawns and related activities, including replacement of curbs or install new ones.

5. Partial reconstruction - covers part of the ground floor of ...

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