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Агенция „Митници“ | Published January 4, 2017  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

Razvan. IA AM - Single Reg. And IDs. the icon. Oper (ICU). (EORI2), Ref. data (CSRD2) and approved. IS (AEO), incl. ff. otch. Results: Business arch., Arch. Data, Arch. applications and Tech. Arch.

In. IA AM by Rel. and embedded .:

1 Module Ed. Reg. and identifiers. IS (EORI2), incl. function. and exchange-tion with obshtn. Domain (EORI-AEO Minor, Mutual recognition and Major Enhancement).

1 Module Referee. data (CSRD2), incl. function. and exchange-tion with obshtn. domain.

Perm. and approved spec. for the infinite. changes in's and modules for the project "evolved. EA AM for duty. processes: imported., exported., transit, customs. h-we, H. securities and exchange-tion and with obshtn. Domain (REX, BTI, Surveillance3, CDMS) and Input. EA AM by embedding. c-me and modules for BICIS otch. the status of approvals. IO.

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