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Община Пазарджик | Published January 18, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017

"Expert assistance for preparation of investment project under Priority Axis 2 of OPE 2014 to 2020 within the" Combined procedure for the design and construction of composting installations and of installations for pre-treatment of waste "and subsequent implementation of the project."

The main objective of the contract is to support the Pazardzhik Municipality and other municipalities in the region - Pazardzhik in developing a project proposal for applying under OP Environment 2014-2020 yr., Priority 2 "Waste" on Procedure № BG16M1OP002-2.002 "Combined procedure for design and construction of composting installations and of installations for pre-treatment of waste. "

The activities to be implemented are as follows:

Stage I - Expert assistance in the preparation of the project proposal, prepared and submitted in accordance with MIS 2020 Guidelines for Application procedure:

Activity 1. Prepare a study of the attitudes of the population that will be served by the composting plant to separate collection of biodegradable waste, the attitudes of the population towards the use of compost from waste, the degree of public awareness of the needs of providing the necessary amounts of green and biodegradable waste;

Activity 2. Preparation of feasibility studies for installations will be provided on site PLIP in the village of. "Aleko Konstantinov" Pazardzhik Municipality, incl. Justification of the necessary elements for separate collection of green and / or biodegradable municipal waste;

Activity 3. Preparation of documents - an integral part of the project proposal related to the management of compost from the composting plant site "Aleko Konstantinov";

Activity 4. Preparation of documents related to the management of the fractions of the plant for pre-treatment of waste pretreatment plant site "Aleko Konstantinov";

Activity 5. expelled ...

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