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Construction of housing and business premises in the Plaines-du-Loup district PPA 1 - Urban room C

PLAREL SA architectes et urbanistes associés | Published May 19, 2017  -  Deadline September 1, 2017

This competition is a competition of architectural and landscape projects organized in an open, anonymous and to a degree, in accordance with the SIA 142 (2009 edition). The aim of the project owners is to develop and build a high-quality architectural unit on the Urban Room C (PU-C), including subsidized family housing constructed by the FLCL (Lausanne Foundation for the Construction of Housing) and the FPHL (Foundation Pro Habitat Lausanne), and regulated family housing constructed by the FLCL, on the one hand, and by the CMHC (Société Cooperative d'Habitation Lausanne) for its Current and future members.
Emphasis will also be placed on the quality of external facilities, with multiple uses and in relation to the different uses of premises directly associated with them.
Student housing will be constructed to accommodate the colocation. Their typology will have to be innovative, but their architectural design will have to ensure the reversibility of these dwellings for students in traditional apartments.

Requalification of the Priory of the site and the Roman Villa for the creation of the City Hall and ArchéoLab, museum space and discovery of archaeological science

M+B Zurbuchen-Henz Sàrl, Architectes EPF/SIA/FAS | Published February 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 23, 2017

architectural design competition for the requalification of the Priory of the site and the Roman Villa for the creation of the City Hall and ArchéoLab, museum space and discovery of archaeological science and idea contest the development of the sector in selective procedure

Organisation of architectural design contests

Einwohnergemeinde Breitenbach | Published April 6, 2016
Techdata AG
71230000, 71240000

Property developers for Schoolhouse new development area wide garden - Mur, 4226 Breitenbach.

Organisation of architectural design contests

Einwohnergemeinde Breitenbach | Published January 20, 2016  -  Deadline February 24, 2016
71230000, 71240000

The inhabitants of Breitenbach loads in response to an open procedure in accordance with GATT / WTO agreements, service companies such as project management - / Construction companies or even appropriate architects - or engineering firms, to submit a bid for the owner's representative / client consulting and support for the construction projects within the school area Mur - wide garden (Prz. 2528) a. We are looking for companies or professionals who have the appropriate competence and skills, this task with high constructional, organizational and social competence in compliance with the project objectives, including the cost - perform and deadlines and quality requirements.. The municipality has opted for the model overall performance competition. The project with the goal of operational reorganization of school premises can be divided into 2 sub-projects. Both are built and financed by the municipality Breitenbach. The subproject of the upper stage includes a new created Annexe - building with approximately 1400 m² GFA and various adjustments, optimizations and conversions in existing building areas, which have been built in the year 1952nd

The subproject of the lower level contains a new created replacement building with approximately 3300 m² GFA. This building must be dismantled in advance. Previous BGF are the results of the first assessments.

Architectural design services

Werner Keller Architekturbüro AG | Published February 4, 2015  -  Deadline February 27, 2015

Expansion of the existing school system to a double kindergarten class and four units in later stages.
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