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Stand construction "Objevovna" and "Water in the soil" for the National Museum of Agriculture, co - Prague Branch

Národní zemědělské muzeum, s.p.o. | Published November 25, 2016

Software-related services

Ministerstvo zemědělství | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Ensuring the promotion and development of the National Information System for grants in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Ensure the operation of the existing ISND in one test a single production environment. ISND complemented by the newly established grant programs. Make changes to the system based on the optimization of administration of grant applications. Make minor corrections resulting from user experience after the first year of operation. Implement development requirements related to the more general requirements for the development of IS architecture Agriculture.

Museum-exhibition services

Národní zemědělské muzeum, s.p.o. | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

The subject of the public contract is a comprehensive supply of exposures "Water in the soil" and "Objevovna" including the supply and installation of technology, including AV equipment and construction works of the exhibition space on the basis of documentation prepared for entering the stands and project documentation. Exposure will be implemented in areas of sponsor's seat. Project exhibition "Water in the soil" is conceived as the water in all forms of human perception, ie. Water as the basis of life, water countrYside water as an element and the tamed, serving the people, the project consists of plot lines and layered paintings in the exhibition, while the man remains a symbol of exposure for which water is a condition of life that she can tame, but it loses. Project exhibition "Objevovna" no characteristic exposure and are a bit reading room - reading room. Its mission is to offer more knowledge and information to thematic expositions realized in the building NZM Prague, ie. From the newly opened exhibition Hunting Fishing over, Forest, Water in the landscape, Agriculture, Laboratory of silence, gastronomy, etc.. Exposure space on the 3rd floor of the east wing NZM buildings in Prague, where they located both exposure is exposure "Water in the soil" dislocated left of the stairs about 190 square meters for exhibition "Objevovna" dislocated right of the stairs is about 100 m².

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