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Water supply and sanitation občine

Obec Kosova Hora | Published November 16, 2015

Completion of tap water 0.76 km and 0.86 km of sewers in the local part of the commune. Commencement of the tender and construction is conditional grant allocation. a) Description of goods - Ensure a supply of quality drinking water and waste water disposal in accordance with applicable legislation. b) Description of subject - Construction of additional water supply and sanitation in the municipality Kosova Hora. c) A description of the relationship between subject and description - are currently not in the part of the municipality of public water and sewer. Private wells do not meet hygienic limits for drinking water and waste water are kept at the wastewater treatment plant Kosova Hora. d) Expected date of fulfillment - until 31.12.2017 Source co-financing is expected from the Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture 129 250.
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