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Construction of PPO in the cadastral Švihov

Česká republika-Státní pozemkový úřad | Published August 10, 2015

The subject of this contract is the construction of flood control in the roasting. Ú. Švihov, consisting of the construction of the building SO 01 - Building B2 and the building SO 02 - Building B3. Implementation of flood protection measures is part of the approved plan of joint facilities for comprehensive landscaping in the cadastral area and will contribute to achieving one of the goals of kicks - contribute to a reduction in land erosion, protect water sources of drinking water community to improve conditions for agricultural development and improve drainage conditions on flooded farmland during rainstorms. b) a description of the subject of the contract: The subject of the tender is the construction of flood control measures in the cadastral Švihov, consisting of the construction of the building SO 01 - Building B2 and the building SO 02 - Building B3. 1736, 1952, 1741.1947 and 1766 k.ú. Švihov near Klatovy. Designed with furrow between the track divides the watershed runoff and divert water through the culvert TPB2, ditch and culvert TPB2 B2 / B3 1 into the building and into an existing drainage ditch that drains water into the river Úhlava. The building is designed to Q50 = 1.71 m3 / s, which was calculated in previous studies, "Švihov - erosion and flood control measures." The crown is designed with a width of 1.5 m. The channel trench B2, which follows the culvert will be at 5 m fortified stone paving concrete to finish concrete threshold. The curves will ditch fortified rockfill of quarry stone 50-80 kg. B3 trench trough that follows the culvert, the 5m-long fortified stone paving into concrete finish concrete threshold. 1766, 1948, 1955, and 1949 in the cadastral Švihov near Klatovy. Trench will humified soil and grassed. At the point of crossing the ditch to ditch slopes path will be made at a gradient of 1: 6th c) a description of the relationship between the subject and the needs of the contracting authority VZ: Successful completion of the administration of public procurement in order to conclude a contract with the selected bidder is a prerequisite to achieve the planned targets of public procurement and the client's needs, which is to reduce land erosion, protection of drinking water sources of the village, improving conditions for Agriculture d) the envisaged deadline for fulfilling the public contract in September 2016 (this term, however, with regard to unforeseen circumstances may push) e) a description of the risks associated with the performance VZ, that authority took into account when determining the specifications: Construction PPO requires expertise beyond their own assumptions vendor also its permanent complex technical readiness, including a very good system of management performance after the management and organization, as well as sophisticated system output quality control of the work and the like. Implementation of the public contract may be adversely affected by adverse weather conditions or the unavailability of funds, which in turn may cause prolonged time necessary for completion of the work.
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