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Implementation exhibition "Agriculture"

Národní zemědělské muzeum, s.p.o. | Published December 27, 2016

Making forestry exhibition at the National Museum of Agriculture Prague - II. task

Lesy České republiky, s.p. | Published December 27, 2016

Providing services security and surveillance for the National Museum of Agriculture, spo

Národní zemědělské muzeum, s.p.o. | Published January 16, 2017


Česká republika - Ministerstvo zemědělství | Published October 24, 2016  -  Deadline June 30, 2017

Presentation of the Ministry of Agriculture in international fairs and exhibitions abroad in 2017 - actions to promote exports

Česká republika - Ministerstvo zemědělství | Published December 27, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

Specialist agricultural or forestry machinery

Spojené lesy s.r.o. | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017

Acquisition of own technology for wood felling and balance - Harwarder for educational mining, engine power Max.120 kW, operating weight max. 8.5 ts into the overall width of 2.5 m.

The project's overall greening work is carried out with respect to land and forest stands, improved working conditions and a better appreciation of attendants harvested timber including brushwood. Proprietary technology will bring cost savings in the production of timber and allow operational and timely processing of bark beetle wood as required by law no. 289/1995 Coll. on forests.

Museum-exhibition services

Lesy České republiky, s.p. | Published December 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

The subject of the tender is making forestry exhibition in the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague based on design documentation submitted by the contracting authority as a basis for the realization of public procurement. Public tender is divided into two parts: Part no. 1 - The furniture and graphic exhibition and part no. 2 - AV technology, content AVM and light exposure.

Měrotín supplying the village with drinking water and Sewer and WWTP Měrotín

Obec Měrotín | Published October 22, 2015  -  Deadline June 30, 2017
The contract is the realization of building a new public water supply, new sewerage system and wastewater treatment plant in the village Měrotín. Construction of the water supply network has a total length of 3579.59 meters range of supply, the number of 274 newly connected (or policies), permanent residents. The total length of the sewer system is 1689 m. The construction also connections network, communication and landscaping. Wastewater treatment plant is designed for 274 EO. Reason effectiveness of public procurement: The description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts fulfilled: The aim of the tender is to ensure the supply of drinking water in the village Měrotín a significant reduction in the amount of pollution discharged into surface water and groundwater, by ensuring the ecological wastewater disposal. The contract will be co-financed by subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture under the Sub-program 129 250 129 252 - Support for the construction and technical improvement of infrastructure of public water supply. Subroutine 129 253 - Support for the construction of infrastructure and technical improvements sewerage systems.

VD Chances - transfer of extreme floods

Povodí Odry, státní podnik | Published June 26, 2014  -  Deadline July 31, 2018
Implementation of technical measures to VD Chances particular surge capacity and the spillway chute, increasing the dam crest, building stabilization Earthfill, landslide remediation ŘEČICE. a) description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts meet the purpose of the event is to implement technical measures to VD chance to ensure the safe transfer of extreme floods b) a description of the subject contract basis for construction of the project is to increase the capacity of the spillway and slip, ie the construction of a new spillway side on the right bank fixed overflow edge articulated on two levels with a common spadištěm. Upcoming increasing the capacity of the spillway chute and will entail base its operations, it will be associated with the new connection to utilities and access. Bridging slip on the dam will be replaced. The construction will increase the level of partial crown of the dam, which both take into account the overall height solution space in the dam area and also creates a reserve for future settlement of the dam. The current slide in the decisive part replaced by a new structure with a different width arrangement, the axis of the slip will be compared to currently around 3 ° rotated to the left. The adjustments of the crown will also increase the level of sealing core and its connection with the adjustment of the crown. It made a new breakwater and communication at the dam. A similar concept will be further adjustments in the crown area including rails, roads, landscaping, and more. Committed to the railing on the right bank of the slope is made a short stretch of makeshift fence. Excess material particular from the excavation will be used in the new landscaping conveniently located in terms of stability at the downstream side of the dam. Part of the plan is the final sealing of the bedrock to the extent determined by evaluating the effectiveness and provided more life filled aperture. Particular attention is focused on the area of ​​the right bank, where it may cause potential changes in the geological environment in the context of the implementation of the proposed works. It will be modernized system of measurement and observation TBD based on current technical condition of equipment, measurement results during the current operation and the findings and recommendations documented in reports TBD. It is expected expansion of automated data collection, transmission and remote deployment extensions support the evaluation of automated measurements using computer technology. Modernization awaits management system works. Do buildings are included in communication, distribution networks, lighting, security, work, transmissions, and other equipment work. To the extent necessary to carry out minor modifications technological equipment. This does not mean that the technological equipment may only be for the construction of decommissioned. The requirement is contrary to all devices that have an impact on the water supply to ensure the collection and the ability to drain water from the tank could reliably at this time to perform its function. It adapts to the construction organization. The project includes building "landslide remediation Řečice-Stage 1", which partially solves the stability of the landslide on the right bank of the valley Řečice. The aim of the work is a partial reduction in speed slide into the tank VD Chances and thus reduce the risk of water project. c) The implementation of technical measures to VD chance to ensure the safe transfer of extreme flooding occurs possibilities to ensure safe and reliable operation of the works in the future. d) 2015-2018 funding from the Ministry of Agriculture 129260 Flood Prevention III and own sources of authority


Šálek s.r.o. | Published January 23, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017


Šálek s.r.o. | Published January 23, 2017  -  Deadline February 14, 2017

Advertising and marketing services

Šálek s.r.o. | Published January 24, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

The subject of this contract is a service, namely the realization of fair Internacional Agricalture Exibithion in Mashhhad in Iran, which is further specified in the technical specification.

This is not a tender procedure implemented by Act no. 134/2016 Coll., As amended (the "Act"). The selection procedure is implemented observing the principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination principle in accordance with the binding methodology OP PIK. If this tender documentation directly referred to the Law, the relevant provisions of the Act accordingly.

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