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ACIP - P122812

Agricultural Competitiveness Imrpvement Project | Published September 9, 2016  -  Deadline October 25, 2016
Equipment For Upgrading Regional Seed Laboratories
Invitation for Bids
The Republic ofAzerbaijan
Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project
Loan No: 8286-Az
Contract Title:
Equipment forupgrading regional seed laboratories
Reference No. (as per Procurement Plan): B2/G-6
1. The Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic has receivedfinancing from theWorld Bank toward the cost of the Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the proceedstoward payments under the contract for procurement of equipment for upgrading regional seed laboratories. This contract will bejointly financed by the Republic of Azerbaijan. Bidding process will be governed by The World Bank's rules andprocedures.
2. The State Service on Management of AgriculturalProjects and Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture/Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project now invites sealed bidsfrom eligible bidders for equipment for upgrading regional seed laboratories: sample spears, seed sample dividers, balances, germination cabinets, germination rooms,laboratory dishes, respiratory masks, dysposable syringes etc.
Delivery period is three (2) months following the dateof effectiveness the Contract.
Delivery will be to RegionalSeed Certification Laboratories located in Guba, Shamakhi, Salyan, Lenkaran, Sabirabad, Ujar, Barda, Goygol, Tovuz(Azerbaijan).
Post-qualification requirements:
(a)     If Bidder is Manufacturer:
(i)      Financial Capability
i.      The Bidder shall furnish documentaryevidence that it meets the following financial requirement(s): Theaverage annual turnover of the bidder for the last three years (2013 ?2014 ? 2015) must exceed US$ 2 mln orequivalent
ii.      The averages of cash and cash equivalents atthe beginning and end of year are positive in the last three years (2013 ? 2014 ? 2015).
iii.      The listed requirements would apply to partnersof the Joint Venture cumulatively. In addition, all members of the Joint Venture should have experience in required technical areaand each member of the Joint Venture should fulfill at least 25% of required turnover.
(ii)     Experience and TechnicalCapacity
The Bidder shallfurnish documentary evidence to demonstrate that it meets the following experience requirement(s):
During the pastthree (3) years, the Bidder must have completed at leasttwo (2) successful contracts involving the supply of equipment for seedlaboratories.
Note: For JointVentures, listed requirements would apply to partners ofthe Joint Venture cumulatively. In addition, all members of theJointVenture should have experience in required technical area and each member of the Joint Venture should fulfill at least 25 % ofrequired turnover.
Documentary Evidence
The Bidder shallfurnish documentary evidence to demonstrate that the Goods it offers meet the following usage requirement:
·       Electricalequipment must meet the requirements of existing electric supply system of Azerbaijan;
·       All goods must fit for purpose ?i.e. conform to required technical specifications specified in Section VII. Schedule of Requirements, TechnicalSpecifications.
(a)         If Bidder is not manufacturer:
If a Bidder is not a manufacturer, but is offering the Goods on behalfof the Manufacturer under Manufacturer's Authorization Form (Section IV, Bidding Forms), the Manufacturer shall demonstrate theabove qualifications (i), (ii), (iii) and the Bidder shall demonstrate that it has successfully completed at least 1 (one) contractfor supply of laboratory equipment of similar nature in the past 5 (five) years
3.         Bidding will be conducted through theInternational Competitive Bidding procedures as specified in the World Bank's Guidelines: Procurement of Goods, Works, andNon-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants January 2011 Revised July 2014 ("ProcurementGuidelines"), and is open to all eligible bidders asdefined in the Procurement Guidelines. In addition, please refer to paragraphs1.6 and 1.7 setting forth the World Bank's policy on conflict of interest.
4.         Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from The StateService on Management of Agricultural Projects and Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic ofAzerbaijan/Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project, Mr. Anar Azimov,;;;, and inspect the bidding documents during office hours from09.00 to 17.00  at the address given below.
5.         A complete set of bidding documents in Englishmay be purchased by interested eligible bidders upon the submission of awritten application to the address below and upon paymentof a nonrefundable fee of 150 USD or 225 AZN. The method of payment will be bank transfer or direct deposit to the specifiedaccount number. The document will be sent by airmail for overseas delivery and surface mail or courier for local delivery.
Beneficiary: State Service onManagement of Agricultural Projects and Credits/ ACIP
Beneficiary's Tax Code:1700428481
International Bank of AzerbaijanOpen Joint Stock Company
Premier Customer ServicesBranch
Bank Code:805250
Bank's Tax Code:9900001881
Corr. acc:AZ03NABZ01350100000000002944 with Central Bank of Azerbaijan (for AZN)
Corr. acc: 36083186 with Citibank N.A, New York, NY;SWIFT code: CITIUS33XX (for USD)
Beneficiary's Account: AZN-AZ03IBAZ38090069449330335120
6.        Bids must bedelivered to the address below on or before 15:00 local time, October 25, 2016.Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the bidders'designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below on15:00 local time, October 25, 2016.
7.        All bids mustbe accompanied by a Bid Security of:9000USD
8.         The address referred to above is:
The State Service on Management of Agricultural Projects and Credits under the Ministry ofAgriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan/Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project
For submission of bids: 8th floor, room801
For opening of bids: 8th floor, room817
Attn: Mr. Anar Azimov
Project Director
80, U. Hajibeyli Str., Government House AZ1000, Baku,Azerbaijan
Tel: (+99412) 4937108
Web site:
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