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Information Notice – Seychelles - Agriculture Sector and Marine Aquaculture Development Study – Contract Award - ASMAD – 02 2015

 | Published February 19, 2015

PUBLICATION OF AWARD OF CONTRACT FOR CONSULTING SERVICES FOR PROJECTS FINANCED BY THE AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK INFORMATION NOTICE Publication date: 12th February 2015 Country: Seychelles Executing Agency: Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) now called Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture Name of Project/Study: Agriculture Sector and Marine Aquaculture Development Study (ASMAD) Loan/Grant Number: 5500155006401 Project ID No: P-SC-AA0-005 Name of Request for Proposals (RFP): Consulting Service for Agricultural Sector Development Study Selection Method: Quality Cost Based Selection Method (QCBS) Date of publication of EOI: 19th August 2013 Date of publication of RFP: 17th June 2014 Technical Proposals opening date: 18th July 2014 Financial Proposals opening date: 14th October 2014 Date of approval by the Bank of the draft negotiated Contract: 29th January 2015 Name of Selected Consultant: AGRER S.AN.V. -ECO-SOL Nationality: Belgium Address: Avenue Louise 251/B23- 1050 Brussels- Belgium Contract Award Price: EUR 493,950.00 (exclusive of taxes) Contract Start date: 23rd February 2015 Contract Duration: 10 Months Summary of Scope of Contract Awarded: The Consultant should carry out a study which will involve a review of the agriculture sector contributing to the development of strategies to implement the agriculture sector policy, and culminating in the preparation of an Agriculture Sector Development Project. The study will be conducted in three phases as follows:  In phase I: The consultant will collect all the available data and adopt a methodology for effectively executing the study. This phase will conclude with the preparation of a report, the agriculture Sector Development Project (ASDP) which will present a diagnostic review of the current situation of the agriculture sector challenges, opportunities, and proposal for interventions along with project profiles. The whole phase will cover 3 calendar months (2 months for field work and 1 month for review of the report)  Phase II: This phase will be devoted to the preparation of a feasibility report with respect to the priority agricultural development project selected by the Government from the list proposed in phase I report. The feasibility study would cover all aspects of the project, and allow firm decisions to be reached on its implementation. The consultant shall perform all the conventional economic and financial analyses to determine the viability of the project. The study would identify and assess the potential importance of the beneficial and adverse environment and social, direct and indirect, short and long-term, temporary and permanent impacts. It would also define appropriate mitigation/enhancement measures to prevent, minimize, mitigate, or compensate for adverse impacts or to enhance the project environmental and social benefits, including responsibilities and associated cost. An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report would be prepared for the project. The whole phase will cover 3 calendar months (2 months for field work and 1 month for review of the report)  Phase III will cover 4 calendar months (3 months field work and 1 month for review of the reports). This phase will be devoted to the preparation of designs and tender documents of the major infrastructure (building, irrigation, roads, and drainage) included in the preparation report. The preparation report will also be benefited with the availability of more accurate figures for the infrastructure. The draft reports submitted at the end of Phase III by the consultants will be reviewed by the MNR who would then submit their comments to the Bank. This review process should take between 3-4 weeks. The consultants would be given a further 2 weeks to update the reports whit the comments received from both the GOS and the Bank. The final outcome would be the Final ASDP preparation report including the detailed designs. Total Number of Proposals Received: 2 For each Consultant evaluation was as follows: Name: WAPCOS LIMITED Nationality: India Address: Corporate Office: 76-C, Institutional Area, Sector -18, Gorgaon,Haryana,-122015, India Registered office:”KAILASH”, 5th floor, KG Marg, New Delhi-110-001, India Technical Scores (%): 87.16 Financial Scores (%): 89.73 Evaluated Price: USD 651,750.00 Ranking: 2 N.B.: Any consultant who wishes to ascertain the grounds on which its proposal was not selected, should request an explanation from the Executing Agency. In any event, the Bank reserves the right to review any complaint of a bidder at any time following the award.
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