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Oppex is a search engine for public sector bidding contests. We will help you sell your products across borders and language barriers.

All public tenders in one place

Oppex collects tenders from all around the world from over 120 countries. You can find tenders from popular sources like TED and the World Bank, as well as smaller local sources.
We make 10% of our sales from tenders provided by Oppex.
Juhana Kostamo
CEO, Picosun
We discover 30% more tenders than before.
Anna Laine
Senior Specialist,
GreenStream Network
Oppex constantly delivers us tenders that we would otherwise miss.
Peter Brandt
CEO, ViaCon

Selling to the public sector

The public sector consists of hundreds of thousands of public bodies such as cities, hospitals and schools all over the world. Government organizations buy all the same things that privately owned companies do.
When a public organization wants to buy anything, an open bidding contest must be arranged. Oppex collects these bidding contests from countless different sources across the world and delivers them to you.
Only the tenders relevant to you

What can I do with Oppex?

  • Access 1 500 000+ tenders every year
  • Receive new RFQs and tendering opportunities by email
  • Follow any market in English
  • Share information with your team members
  • Receive tender alerts for free

Increase revenue from public sector

  • Find export and import opportunities in more than 50 countries incl. EU, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the US
  • EU public sector market alone is 2 300 billion euros
  • Contracts must be publicly advertised and fairly awarded
  • Try it out and find new business now!

1 000 000+ bidding contests a year

We collect millions of domestic and international tenders every year. We translate all tenders into English.

Receive new tenders immediately

We constantly monitor tender sources all over the world. You will be immediately informed of any new tenders matching the search terms specified by you.

Great companies that use Oppex to find new business

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