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Oppex is a search engine for public sector bidding contests. We will help you sell your products across borders and language barriers.

All public tenders in one place

Oppex collects tenders from all around the world from over 120 countries. You can find tenders from popular sources like TED and the World Bank, as well as smaller local sources.

1Search public tenders globally

Oppex collects yearly over 1.5 million translated goverment contracts, for free! Find the bidding contests that are relevant to you with our advanced search.

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2Stay updated via emails

Sign up to Oppex and save your own email alerts to be notified every time there are new tenders relevant to you.

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3Never miss a tender

Now you won’t have the fear of missing out as you will always be aware of the newest public sector tenders!

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What can I do with Oppex?

  • Access 1 500 000+ tenders every year
  • Receive new RFQs and tendering opportunities by email
  • Follow any market in English
  • Share information with your team members
  • Receive tender alerts for free

Increase revenue from public sector

  • Find export and import opportunities in more than 50 countries incl. EU, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the US
  • EU public sector market alone is 2 300 billion euros
  • Contracts must be publicly advertised and fairly awarded
  • Try it out and find new business now!

Great companies that use Oppex to find new business

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Oppex - World's largest source of tenders

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To get you fully up to speed with Oppex, we put together a guided tour. This will only take about 2 minutes of your time. Would you like to begin?
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To stay updated on future tenders that fulfill your criteria, you can set an Email atert that automatically notifies you as soon as a matching contract notice is published

Note! Date filters are not saved along with other filters as it would make no sense to save an alert with date restrictions.